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Both national and international experts acknowledged that the project is an important resource and an example of good practice in digitization.

Not only have users accepted the archive and use it frequently, also experts from various fields like history, politics, journalism, education cite the project as a reference model.

Euromedia Special-award
Since more than ten years the Society for Pedagogy and Information (Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information", GPI, http://www.gpi-online.de/) awards "outstanding multimedia-products and education media" with the "Euromedia" and "Comenius"-prize.

2005 arbeiter-zeitung.at has been awarded an Euromedia Special-award by the international jury in Berlin.

Good Practice Project
The Austrian Initiative for Digital Cultural Heritage (http://www.digital-heritage.at) has been initiated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture in November 2003, to monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate digitization activities in Austria.

The archive arbeiter-zeitung.at has been benchmarked as one of Austrias "Good Practice Projects" in digitization and publishing of digital material. The only private initiative ranked as an outstanding project in the field.

Listed in the UNESCO Archives Portal
The archive is listed as a primary resource in the Archives Portal of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)